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Table 4 Comparison of estimated effects of pollution vs. clean air days between COPD and Control subjects

From: Respiratory effects of particulate air pollution episodes in former smokers with and without chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: a panel study

Variable Estimate COPD vs Control 95 % CI P value
EBC nitrite + nitrate (NOx) 6.34 (1.53, 26.17) 0.01
EBC 8-isoprostane 0.19 (0.01, 4.44) 0.29
FEV1 (L) 0.00 (-0.15, 0.16) 0.96
FVC (L) −0.16 (-0.40, 0.08) 0.19
Aggregate symptom score 1.41 (-2.36, 5.18) 0.45
  1. Displayed are the ratios of the geometric means (for 8-isoprostane and NOx) and the difference in the estimated pollution effects (for FEV1, FVC, and symptom score) which compare the estimated pollution effects between the COPD patients and Controls